Tulime Onlus

Address: Viale Regione Siciliana, 2156

Country: Italy

Region: Sicilia

Post Code: 90135

City: Palermo

Tel: +39 091 217612

Tulime Onlus is on a voluntary association of international cooperation projects between Italy, Tanzania, Uganda and Nepal.

Founded in 2001, Tulime adopting a model based on an equal relationship between communities in Italy and in the countries of the partners, which exceeds the concepts of development and help from “rich” countries to “poor countries”. Tulime operates in agreement with universities in various disciplines (forestry and environmental sciences, economics, architecture, international cooperation) for placements and internships, undergraduate and PhD theses, both in Italy and in Africa and Asia.

Tulime participates in the European Voluntary Service under Erasmus, hosting young Europeans in Italy and in the communities of the countries with which it cooperates, ensuring the local presence of their volunteer workers. Tulime is partner of “Finestre sul Mondo” (Windows on the World), a national project supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the schools higher awareness on the issues of cooperation and immigration.

All these experiences will strengthen the organizational, logistical and educational in the coordination and management of projects with youth groups; in particular, have a positive effect on the activation of processes aimed at developing skills in young people, skills and knowledge useful to interact with the constant social changes, so compared to participation, active citizenship, the information society, international integration and globalization processes, attention to issues of environmental sustainability and socio-economic. Young people are involved in: the local craft enhancement projects (Mani d’Africa, Baiskeli) in key business cooperation between Italian and Tanzanian craftsmen, providing reuse of production waste and plastic waste, creation and marketing of new products; projects aimed at people with disabilities (albinos and mentally disabled) targeted the acquisition of autonomy in daily life.

Tulime Onlus

Team Members

Giulia Raciti

Project Manager

Marilena Cappuccio

Local project coordinator

Francesco Picciotto