Jeunesse Volontaire au Secours de la Planète (Jesvop)

BP: 65 S/C M’BELOU Maguila Lomé Togo

tel: 0022891751812


The association JEVOSP (Youth Volunteer to rescue the planet) is a non profit-making Organization.

The association aims to:

– Reducing poverty in the population;

– Striving for a happy childhood;

– Promote the position of women and the disabled in social status;

– Promoting the reintegration of prisoners into society;

– To promote maternal and child health;

– Promote education and vocational training for young people;

– Brought to support private initiatives for young people and promote their employment;

– Fight against HIV / AIDS / STI, TB, malaria and other opportunistic diseases;

– Take care of AIDS orphans, street children and especially vulnerable children of the right to protection;

– Enabling people to have access to primary health care and products at reduced current;

– Supplying water and educate the public in matters of community health in disadvantaged areas;

– Promoting agriculture and livestock in communities

– Encourage African culture and traditions around the world by promoting the circulation of ideas and people from international and cultural exchanges;

– Implement programs for the preservation of the environment;

– Develop ecotourism.


Team Members

Victor M'Belou