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The mission of the Foundation is to foster the development of innovations in Poland by promoting modern technologies, stimulating social development and building tri-sector and international cooperation in favor of economic and scientific growth.

The foundation was created in 2006 with its statutory aim to foster the development of innovations in Poland. Innovations, as reflected in foundation`s activities, have a very broad meaning. They are not only about modern technologies but also deal with social sphere. The foundation has implemented many projects whose beneficiaries were vulnerable and disadvantaged people: disabled, elderly, migrants, unemployed. Numerous activities have educational character. Two projects, founded by Grundvig, have produced especially interesting results.   “Life Long Learning Educational Trials in Alternative Environmentals” – new educational tools were created during this project. “Sustainable Urban Living” was a typical public awareness project with the environmental impact. The Institute of Innovations has prepared many successful CSR strategies. The foundation is cooperating with public administration, research institutes and international companies. It supports other NGOs and shares its experience especially with smaller foreign organisations. The foundation is very active in the sphere of developing volunteer activities. Among its current plans is to create an EVS center of volunteers in a small city Konstancin, on the south of Warsaw.

The Foundation has already completed a number of projects in the field:

  • of business development for foreigners,
  • projects aimed at environmental protection,
  • non-formal education of children and youth,
  • non-formal education of the elderly,
  • trainings for polish NGOs and the unemployed,
  • projects for the development of culture and cultural projects at transnational level,
  • support cooperation and development in the countries of the Soviet Union (youth, environment, entrepreneurship, culture),
  • CSR and Social Impact Assessment study in the field of energy (shale gas),
  • another.

In addition, the FII carries out projects aimed at children and adolescents: Canadian Wonders – English Language Projects, integration games (from different countries), the animation of local communities for example, we organize events that integrated small community residents in Warsaw (the whole families). Permanently in FII work 6 people. Experts in the field of international projects, with the experience of voluntary service (EVS) and the realization of / participation in Youth in Action Programme projects.

The activity of the organisation is funded by donations of people and institutions sympathetic to us, revenues from economic activity and the money obtained through charity projects.

In this way, the foundation with their dedication and hard work every day proves that dedication to noble purposes is always a superior value and satisfaction derived from achievements is the greatest reward.

Among the others we are very proud from our ICT projects:

Women in IT branch

The project was dedicated to women, who remain young, unemployed women, who wanted to go back to work after maternity or childcare leave, could join the project. It included complex trainings and support for 90 participants.

Within the project, participants took part in: occupational consultations, occupational trainings (they could choose between website designer or DTP designer)preparations of projects for non-governmental organisations – voluntary, trainings concerning labour market and basis of entrepreneurship

The project ‘Women in IT branch’ was financed by the means from European Social Fund, within the Human Capital Programme.

E-learning for NGOs

Within the project the Foundation prepared 15 free e-learning courses, dedicated to workers and volunteers of non-governmental organisations.


CLICK – Improving Access to Digital Literacy for Young People”. Project was founded by European Commision under KA2 – Capacity building in the field of youth. It aims to improve the employability of young people through improved entrepreneurship education and ICT. It aspires to capacitate youth workers in designing youth trainings that make use of ICT tools, and develop young “digital entrepreneurs”, who use ICT for their business ventures.

CLICK was developed because the low digital literacy rate of young people and youth workers, which restrict their ability to take advantage of the digitizing market. According to the Digital Agenda for Europe (2013), ¾ of European youth use basic online services only while 1/3 of youth are taught by ICT-skilled teachers.

In the project participated: Poland, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Nepal, Philippines, Vietnam and Sri Lanka.


Current projects run in 2016:


Integration and education for European Citizenship

The aim of the project is primarily on the one hand, the acquisition of key competences by 2 volunteers from Germany and Spain, including the ability to associate and work in an international environment, on the other hand to produce in the local community a positive attitude towards cultural diversity and integration of migrants.

These objectives will be achieved through the following actions: organization of integration events and cultural events for the local community, including migrants, conducting foreign language lessons, both for migrants and for the local community, in order to counteract social and cultural marginalization of migrants, implementation of the volunteers own projects, initiatives and ideas. Project duration: January – December 2016. Project financed from Erasmus Plus program.

Employment and education for European Citizenship

We are a hosting organization for a volunteer from France, who gives free of charge business advices for young entrepreneurs and also organize French language courses and integration meetings for local youth and migrants. Project duration: January – December 2016. Project financed from Erasmus Plus program.

“Youth about Warsaw“. Film competition for Warsaw students. Nearly 40 participants who have send best ideas about film about Warsaw took part in a film workshops in January 2016. Special commission will choose 3 best ideas and Innovation Institute will produce 3 short movies about Warsaw based on this scenarios. Project duration: October 2015 – July 2016.

“Women in the industry” project for 30 women from Ukraine. We provide:

– Career counseling 10 hours / person (during the counseling should be developed application documents, an action plan + job search assistance during the project)

– The Polish language course: 30 hours of classes per 6-person group

– Workshop about learning how to effectively search for jobs

– Classes computer with the software applications used in office work (elements Excel and MS Word, PowerPoint, Prezi, tools Google – calendar, drive, redox, facebook, twitter channel on YT, manage the web site creating multimedia CV)

Creative workshops for children age 2-13

Workshops take place in one of the biggest shopping mall in Warsaw and they are free of charge. We use innovative materials like kinecting sand, dry ice and plays mais.

“Recycling of toys”

Thanks to cooperation with Arkadia Shopping Mall, Plastics Europe and local authorities, Institute of Innovations foundation has an opportunity to start an innovative recycling project. Foundation operates a special recycling stand in the shopping mall, where parents and children can donate unwanted toys. Then toys are given to a special “hospital for toys” where they are cleaned and repaired. At the end foundation gives the toys to poor families, hospitals and children at schools. Apart from that, educational activities on recycling are conducted in cooperation with schools and shopping centers.



Team Members

Joanna Chodor

Local project coordinator