Çanakkale Koza Gençlik Derneği

Address: Kemalpaşa Mah. Fetvane Sok. Yalı Hanı No:28/29 Canakkale-Merkez

Country: Turkey

City: Canakkale



Tel: +902862135655

Çanakkale Koza Youth Association was founded in March 2010 and grown up as an active, energetic, nonprofit youth organization that provides intercultural learning opportunities to help the youngsters in developing their knowledge and at the same time offering a wide diversity of experiences. Çanakkale, a city and region of education, culture and history, is located in the northwestern part of the Turkey. Çanakkale has lands in both Asia and Europe just like Istanbul, which is a well-known city in the world. This specialty is an extra reason for its beauty. Our main priority is the participation of youngsters to local, national and global problems and to teach how to react to those problems and work to solve them. Even its name has a youth tag; KOZA is a volunteer-based organization (aged 7-77) and trying to be in various fields, not only youth. Such as; giving free swimming/scuba diving courses for disabled people, preparing campaigns for pollution and climate change, organizing language clubs, preparing workshops for children in Roma Communities and so on. We can’t say, what are our main working topics. Because with the participation of every new volunteer; we are growing and becoming more diversified. We are preparing different trainings, workshops and seminars; to help volunteers develop their personal and professional skills, to work as a team and to evaluate their ideas to a project. That’s why every new volunteer means a new topic/area for us to work on. Except our local and national projects and activities, we are also experienced on several programs such as Leonardo, Grundtvig, Youth in Action and Erasmus +. We have been supporting intercultural awareness and international mobility. Apart from EVS in the last years, we have organized and participated in more than 100 youth exchanges, Youth Initiatives, Youth Democracy projects, and training projects. We are working actively in the field of EVS, so we are proud to say that we have sent more than 300 volunteers in the frame of the program and successfully hosted volunteers from different European countries. We are also collaborating with local public authorities, education units, private sector representatives and civil society organizations to improve our work for the benefit of youth. What are the activities and experience of your organisation in the areas relevant for this project? Canakkale Koza Youth Association will take part as a promoter of the project. We will find the suitable and willing participants for the project. Canakkale Koza Youth Association has the biggest youngster potential in Canakkale. Day by day its hunger to new ideas, new methods, new skills and new knowledge increases. That’s why we will share our knowledge and work with partner organizations in every step of the project.


Team Members

Aylin Cilasin


Celil Kankaya

Local project coordinator

Mustafa Emir Cilasin

Responsible for coordination of projects

Slavica Uzan

EU Projects Coordinator

Doğancan Çetin

Media Coordinator

Gökhan Ekdi

Workshops Coordinator