Asociatia Educatio

Country: Romania
Region: RO42 – Vest
Post Code: 310047
City: ARAD
Tel: +40727707207

EDUCATIO Association of Romania was founded in Arad, in 2009, at the initiative of a group of young people, eager to take an active and responsible part in the community affairs. Subsequently, the youth group has expanded and enhanced civic activities and efforts at regional, national and even international level.

Educatio is a non -governmental and non -profit organization whose goal is to develop solutions, attitudes, complementary and alternative activities for the general interest, focusing on youth.

It is very active in volunteering, founding in 2012 the Arad County Volunteer Center, in which we have involved more than 200 volunteers. In the Youth in Action Program our organization hosted in Arad over 30 foreign volunteers from Italy, Portugal, Spain, Germany, etc. The work done in the association is based on: active participation and involvement of citizens and organizations in the process of building a healthy society, developing awareness of the importance of education and information as a means of fulfilling the democratic rights and obligations. Cooperation with organizations and individuals falls under: training and consultancy in the fields of public relations, information and communication, implementing projects and youth education (seminars, conferences etc.)

VISION: “Information and education are oxygen in democracy”

MISSION: through training and other support measures, voluntary, research, consulting, PR, networking and structured dialogue to promote the value of information and education

VALUES: freedom of expression, freedom of information, positive approach on equality, humanity, professional approach towards employees, entrepreneurship, innovation and work beneficial to society

Among the objectives set by our organization, we mention:

1. Developing international partnerships in the field of youth work

2. Stimulate awareness of the importance and necessity of volunteering and its environment and not only young people

3. Develop the skills and abilities necessary for young people to assume the role of active citizen status

4. Promote intercultural dialogue

5. Develop youth projects and / or educational regional / national

Educatio Association has set and assumed the responsibility to optimize the involvement of young people in public life (community), their formation as active and responsible citizens.

Asociatia Educatio

Team Members

Dragos Constantinescu

Responsible for the project

Loredana Balint

Responsible for accounting