You.Com workshops in Palermo

We continue with the implementation of the You.Com workshops.

We worked with glass bottles that, after being decorated, will be used to create unusual flowerbeds! Then, the other workshop is about the recycle of paper that will be rolled and shaped (according to a precise technique promoted by the our skilled volunteers) and then used to produce strong pen holders.

During the following workshop the volunteers and the beneficiaries created, reusing cans containing legumes. We turned them into colored jars and then we planted seeds of aromatic herbs. During the same day we created a nice flowerbed in the garden of Officina 22 thanks to the reuse of unused bricks and the colored bottles created in the previous week.

We experienced, during these days, pleasant occasions to relax while learning how to turn, through simple but clever techniques, new useful, cute and original objects from what was intended to be thrown away. The volunteers then said thank you to the beneficiaries of the workshops for the beautiful days spent together and for their srong motivation during the workshops.

Thank you everybody!!