Our first workshop on upcycling

Today we started our first workshop on upcycling, in Palermo, held by our EVS from Tanzania, Togo and Nepal and part of the You.com project. The result was amazing!

The background was the marvellous garden headquarter of the social cooperative “Officina 22”.
A special sinergy made by looks more than words was immediately established with the users of both the cooperative and of Vivaio Ibervillea.
Glass bottles and cans were decorated with woollen strings of different and loud colours. Now they are completely transformed and ready to start a new life.
The illusory disorder caused by glue, scissors and cut-outs gave birth to unique furnitures and those hands we imagined to be inexperienced created beautiful vases and candle holders that were expressions of the most different personalities.
So, we realized that, after all, the woolen strings we used have linked, in some way, also our lives and our stories, producing some ties that after a beautiful day like this we will hardly forget.