A letter from Megha

It was 16th of October when the volunteers from Nepal, Togo, Tanzania, Italy and mentors met outside of the office for a city tour together. We met at Teatro Massimo which is our usual meeting point at around 9:30. Teatro Massimo is the 3rd biggest theater in Europe. Though I haven’t got a chance to watch any play inside the theater but the area is most of the times crowded with tourists and youngsters.

The mornings here are so brightful because of the chirpings of the birds and happy faces of the people greeting each other even if they don’t know each other. With the start of the trip, first we saw was Quattro canti which is also known as Piazza Vigliena. The octagonal buildings with statues, fountains and four streets in between is such a fascinating view to watch for anyone passing by. In the history of Palermo, there used to be two doors to enter to the city, one of them is Porta nova which can be seen from the junction of Quattro canti and we got to have a closer view. On the way, we also passed by the central library of the city.

In my view, then we saw the most mesmerizing Cattedrale of the Palermo (Cattedrale di Palermo) which was built centuries back and resembles the richness of Sicily in art and architecture. Then, passing through the marceto, last visit of the day was Archivio storico comunale where many important documents were stored from 1950 in different languages. Also we came to know that in the past, rivers used to flow in Palermo and now in the memory, structures were created which produces the sound of water flowing from the river in this place.

No doubt, Palermo is a perfect example of urban planning with preserved cultures and art. The streets are always filled with souvenirs, puppets, street foods, bars, restaurants and many people around with which the streets looks so happy. So, when you feel tired or sad just a walk arounda the street is enough to brighten up your day.

-Megha Bajaj