Volunteers in Sicily

Crenaika, Verastella, Megha, Virginie, Fahadi and Shrija. 

Megha and Shrija, our two young Nepalese volunteers, have immediately created an harmonious family with the other two Tanzanian guys.After we solved with a big laugh the misunderstanding generated by their particular way of oscillating the head that corresponds to yes, when that simple gesture usually means no, the worst is over!So now they peacefully share  with the others the same spaces and the same times and the distance of their home country had been completely canceled in few days.

They’ve shown heir generosity, in addition to their affectionate hugs, with the colorful masks representing the most important Hindu gods that they gave us as good wish.

Fahadi and Crenaika are the two Tanzanian volunteers who will stay with us until December for the Youcom project on creative recycling.

We were looking forward to their coming and on the 2nd of October, in a rainy day in Palermo, their sparkling eyes and their smiles have immediately removed the clouds!

Their first impression when they arrived is about the sun: in Tanzania the sunrise and the sunset are exactly inverted and for them this is amazing and fun!
This simple fact give us a great emotion and makes us reflect on their very strong relationship with nature even if they moved to a distant, big and chaotic city like Palermo.
While we are waiting for the other Nepalese and Togolese volunteers, we hope for them three months of intense exchange of culture.
We are sure that this will happen in the best way thanks to their huge emotional baggage that smells like black tea and vegetable fibers, the same of the typical colored baskets they gave us as a gift when they arrived.

Despite some VISA issues at the beginning, Tchegli (also called Virginie) has finally arrived!
Her first contact with the city was in a very crowded Saturday evening, and her flatmates waited for her until late in order to welcome her in the best possible way.
She’s one of the youngest but she already proved great perseverance and commitment. Infact, being french her first language, she has to make a greater effort in order to be understood from the group and maybe this will be useful for learning italian faster!
Our group is now reunited and we can’t wait for them to be involved in the creative recycling project that is about to start in November.
We are sure that the captivating congeniality of Fahadi, the sweetness of Crenaika, the sharp intelligence of Megha, the education of Shrija and the strong discretion of Virginie represent the perfect mix for a good result to the project!
What else to add…you guys are really awesome together!
So guys, good luck for this new experience!