Message from TUDE, Nepal

EVS has been the great journey for each one of us in organization. We didn’t realize how fast time passed. Planning, execution, challenges, management, was all about EVS. We experienced different thoughts over same project, theme and topic. Apart from work, we were really attached to volunteers and was hard for us to say good byee.

One of the toughest challenges in EVS was to involve four different personalities with different educational background in topic of reuse and recycling. First they were given general ideas on the topic, later they were trained in office for coming workshops. To recall, all activities, they were asked to write stories and fill weekly forms.

We were able to conducted eight workshops together of two days to three days. Workshops were focused on different groups like women, environmental students, general public, and school students of three districts in Bagmati zone. The workshops were mainly focused on composting, paper reuse and recycling, plastic and PET bottle reuse. We also distributed news paper bags to shops near office.

On further days, even after EVS, we are planning to create a women group with help of community police service center and also give more training on composting, replace plastic bag with paper, cloth bags and placement of segregation bins in this area.

Tulime as main organization has given this great opportunity for us to do the task that we wanted to do in earlier days and explore ourselves for coming days. Tourism Development Endeavors would like to extend its bug thank you to Tulime Onlus , and to the volunteers involved in EVS from turkey and Romania for this wonderful experience.


Sagarika Bhatta

Tourism Development Endeavors
Responsible for project