Workshop at Pathsala, Nepal

Two day of workshop on reuse of matter was conducted on June 21 and 22 at a school, named Pathsala Nepal. The workshop was conducted for students of grade six and there were 29 participants on first day and 32 participants on second day. The workshop was conducted from 9:00 AM-12:00 PM first day and from 8:40 AM-12:00 PM second day.

First day of workshop started with introduction and continued with a group work. Group work was conducted focusing on 5R principle by a Romanian volunteer Ina. Participants were given information including examples of 5R principle. Then, Turkish volunteer Savas taught the participants to make a flower pot from the plastic bottles. Step by step was demonstrated by the facilitator, also were taught how to plant in those bottles and use it as hanging pot.

After an energizer by Romanian volunteer Dragos, I taught the participants to make a spiral pencil holder from newspaper. First they made spokes from newspaper and then weaved spiral pencil holders. At first, it was difficult for the participants to make thin spokes but later they catched up. Students liked the pencil holders the most of all products. Other volunteers were assisting the participants during the workshop. Turkish volunteer Deren was taking pictures throughout the workshop time.

Second day of workshop also started with introduction and group activity facilitated by Ina. After introduction, group activity was continued where the students had to participate giving examples for each of 5R principle one by one. Then, Dragos taught students to make a flower plot from pet/plastic bottles. An energizer game was facilitated by Deren. Then, national volunteer Shrija conducted a session where the students were taught to make paper bags from old newspapers. After that, I taught the participants to make a spiral pencil holder from cardboard and newspaper spokes.

At the end of second day, workshop was ended by a small farewell ceremony. The participants thanked the volunteers by gifting self-made post cards with a thank you note. Even the school supported this kind of workshops and encouraged the volunteers for doing more. Students were very happy to learn to produce something from their waste and reduce the discarded materials. They promised to execute the learnings in their everyday life.

Megha Bajaj