World Environment Day in Nepal

Workshop on World Environment Day – 5th June 2017


10:00 introduction and group work

11:00 session I : making pencil holder from newspaper

12:00 Lunch break

12:30 energizer game

12:45 session II : making paper bowl from news paper

13:45 energizer game

14:00 tutorial session III : composting

15:00 workshop end.


introduction and group work

Yesterday was the World Environment Day. We organized a workshop at Chelsea International Academy. The workshop started with Savaş talking about TUDE and After the introduction, group work was done together with the students. The group work was to find solutions to the “waste problems at home” using the concept of 5R (recycle, reuse, reduce, refuse, rethink). Students share their solutions and ideas with us and with other friends.


Session I

First, Shrija taught to make pencil holder from newspaper spokes.While Shrija was teaching a pencil holder and Ina Deren, Savaş, Dragos, Sanjay and Megha helped students. The first session was quite efficient. Most of the students did the product successfully.

The school’s environmental lesson teacher also joined us from the first session.


Lunch Break

We ate lunch at school together with students.


Energies Game

Energies game is called “Ski in Summer”. The game was played by Dragoş. The students were quite entertained.


Session II

The aim of the second session was to teach students how to bowl from newspapers. The second session was held by Deren. As with the first session, most of the students have made nice bowls.


Energies Game

After the second session was over, Dragoş played a short game with the students. In the game, students was use the bowls they made in second session.


Session III

In the last session, İna explained how composting would be done to the students. The staff and teachers of the school also participated in this session.

In general, school administrators and teachers showed intense interest in the workshop.


After the workshop, the school management welcomed us in the room. Gave us a gift for doing the workshop. Our last talk was about the environment day and the environment.


Savaş, İna, Deren, Dragoş