Another Workshop in Nepal

Day One

By Dragos, Deren, Savas and Ina

This workshop was prepared by TUDE and LIFERD in cooperation with YOU.COM. The purpose of the workshop was to bring basic knowledge about Reuse and Recycle to the local community.

Meeting students and the English teacher

We got to Baleshwor, Bahardeu village on motorbikes. Only some of us knew the exact road to the place and some of us got lost. At 10.00 Dragos and Anup arrived at the Higher Secondary School in Bahardeu. We met the English teacher and the students were called in the class. We rearranged the classroom with the tables in an “U” shape and we arranged the students in benches. Since everyone else wasn’t arriving I presented myself and began to introduce the students our purpose. That was the moment when I realized that the students weren’t understanding much of what I was saying. I together with the English teacher took some time to figure out how much they understand the English language. I tried to motivate them to be careful and to also answer to me by explaining them a game that we were going to play. Many of them were shy and would for no reason respond in any way and some of the just didn’t know English. Therefore everything had to be translated into Nepali. More than half an hour had passed and our team was still on the way. We all went out in the school yard to play the game I had explained earlier to the pupils. It was a simple energizer game to relax the atmosphere and allow them to open up in the new environment.

At 11.00, when I was finishing the game all our team arrived.

Get to know each other

After the introduction of the projects, we played the energeis game with the children in the school garden. The aim of the game was to get to know each other better. At first, children were very shy. But after a while, the kids got into the game and started to play. the game reached it’s the goal.

Session I. Paper Basket.

In the first learning session we taught the students how to make weaved baskets out of newspaper. The start has been a little bit difficult but as we advanced, the pupils started to be more involved and to also show thir own creativity.

After this, at 1.30 we had lunch at the at the neighbor family which provides daily food for the school kids.


After first session, we had lunch at 1.30. Children had their lunch boxes. We went to a local restaurant near the school. the menu had a local foods.

Second game – skiing in summer

After lunch, we played energies game with the kids. The game was pretty fun, because the kids got used to us.

Rewards and video feedback

After second session, we distributed chocolate as a gift to all children.

At the end of the day, we tried to do video feedback but the children were not very successful because they were very shy. Only a few of the children could say something in front of the camera.


Day Two

By Deren and Ina


The second day of the workshop at Baleshwori Higher Secondary School started almost on time, at 10:15 on Monday 29th of May 2017. Because Monday was a public holiday, we weren’t sure how many children would show up. We decided to be positive and give them enough time to arrive, so while waiting volunteers Deren and Savas started a impromptu volleyball game with the ones that made it on time.

In the end, 22 participants showed up for the second day, and we officially started the workshop with an energizer called “Tic Tac Boom”, facilitated by volunteer Dragos. We had originally planned to have a group work session about the “5 Rs”, but the children seemed very shy and disinclined to talk, so we discarded that idea, and went straight to session one, which was making a bag out of newspaper.

This session was facilitated by volunteer Ina, who did the English part, and volunteer Sanjay who translated everything to Nepali. The children picked up the process quite quickly, and if they had any difficulty the team from LIFERD and the volunteers from TUDE were there to help them. Some very nice products were made, and the children seemed proud of their work.

The session finished sooner than we expected, so we had a short break during which Deren played volleyball with the children, and then we started the next session. Sessions two and three were designed to show them how to reuse most of a 1litre plastic bottle, first by making a gift box out of the middle part,, then by making a pen holder or flower pot out of the bottom part.

The children seemed to really enjoy making the gift box, as they got to use their creativity in decorating their box to their own specific style. If left to their own devices they would have continued to decorate until they ran out of char paper, but we had to end the session half an hour before lunch. We used that time to get a head start on the next session and paint the bottom halves of the bottles, which were to be turned into pen holders or flower pots. We took advantage of the lunch break to let the paint dry.

After lunch everyone put another coat of paint on their products, and while that dried volunteer Dragos facilitated some more energizers, namely “Human Knot” and “Wacky Football”. The children enjoyed themselves very much during these games, and will probably be teaching them to the rest of their classmates the next day in school.

The paint didn’t want to cooperate with us, and even after two energizers it was still not dry for everyone, so we decide to only show them what to do. But once they picked up the process, everyone started cutting and drawing regardless of the not yet dry paint.

At the end of the session, some participants expressed interest in learning how to make one of the paper bowls we had brought with us as a glue container. We very quickly showed them how to make the spokes out of newspaper sheets and how to roll them up in the shape of a bowl. There was not enough time for everyone to practice, but a couple of children did begin making the base, and will probably continue at home.

Over the course of the workshop some younger children would come to the classroom windows and look in, curious about what their friends were doing. After the workshop ended and we were taking feedback and pictures, some of these younger children took over a bench in the classroom and started making their own products, from what they picked up through the windows, which it turns out was quite a lot because their products turned out very nice.

For the feedback session we wanted to do video testimonials, but the children were very shy and didn’t want to talk or be on camera, some of them even running away. After a lot of coaxing and goofing around, two of the girls agreed to say something but only if Deren stayed with them. This started a trend, and more children agreed to speak, so the TUDE and LIFERD teams took turns being on camera to support them.

Despite several setbacks and changes in the schedule, the workshop was a success. The participants had fun learning to reuse paper, plastic wrappers and bottles, and they will hopefully continue this practice in the future.