Third workshop on “Reuse and Recycle of Matter”

It was seventeenth of May, 2017 and the workshop started when the clock stroke at 11 in the morning. Theme of workshop was on reuse and recycle of matter so the targeted participants for workshop were the students of Environmental Management. There were seven participants in the workshop. This time, workshop was conducted for one day because of the busy schedule of the participants.

I inaugurated the workshop formally by welcoming the participants and then gave a brief introduction about importance of reuse and recycling, also appreciated the participants for showing their interest for reuse and recycle. With a brief introduction of TUDE, I continued the session with a small game where the participants and volunteers could introduce themselves in an interesting manner. The normal introduction sometimes becomes boring so for a twist, I asked the participants and the volunteers to make a pair of two. After five minutes of knowing each other, they introduced themselves as their other partner which was quite funny as they would be describing the features they don’t possess.

For an hour from 11:30 AM, a group activity was carried by international volunteer Ina and national volunteer Sanjay. Two teams were formed and they were given different topics related to reduce and reuse to present their ideas. One group presented their ideas and campaign plan about “solid waste management along the roadside’’ and other group presented on “how to live a zero waste life” where they also explained about the 5R principle. This session was a brainstorming session to examine the knowledge of the participants on the workshop theme.

The practical session started at 12:30 PM which was led by Ms. Sagarika Bhatta. She started the session with a brief introduction about to the participants. Firstly, she taught to make paper bags out of the newspaper which was demonstrated step by step. The old newspapers were turned into bags which could hold 2kgs of materials. Throughout the practical session of making paper bag, volunteers Shrija, Ina and Dragos assisted the participants side by side. Secondly, making gift boxes out of the plastic bottles were taught to the participants by Ms Sagarika. The useless plastic bottles were converted into a gift box with beautiful decorations. Bottles were cut into desired shapes and were covered with colourful papers.

When the clock stroke 2 in the noon, the participants and volunteers had lunch which was managed by volunteers Sanjay, Savas and me. After lunch, the participants played human chain knot as an energizer where they had to form a circle, close their eyes and select hand of other people randomly. Later they had to un tackle the circle without leaving each other’s hand. After that, lid was made for the box. The gift boxes were ready by 3:15 PM. This session was assisted by Sanjay, Ina and me. Deren was busy capturing the moments throughout the session.

Third practical learning was demonstrated by volunteer Sanjay where he taught to make a different kind of newspaper bag which could only store small stuffs. This was a five minute learning task.

The fourth learning session was practical demonstration of bin composting which was again facilitated by Sanjay. The kitchen waste were cut into small pieces and was kept in bin for composting. Saw dust and EM1 was mixed and added to the waste inside the bin which had base of newspaper. The participants were very excited to learn making compost from the kitchen wastes.

Lastly, feedback session was facilitated by local volunteer Shrija, where the participants had to answer a set of questions. Then she read out few answers randomly. The feedback session helps to know the positive and negative aspects of the workshop. The best products for each session were awarded with a small gift and the workshop was ended with a group picture at 4:00 PM.

This was the third workshop on reuse and recycle of matter. The workshops have been successful till now, because there have been participation of all the volunteers. The next workshop will solely be conducted by the international volunteers and I expect that those workshops will also be a successful one with some positive impacts on the participant’s life.

Megha Bajaj