Banners to Bags

Every hording boards we see on roads displaying advertisements use flex banners/ flex prints. Along with that, in the present context, as we organize, take part in different programs and activities, workshops, flex banners are the things that are used instead of hand written banners. Our organization also was used to doing the same. But as the program ended or as the campaign ended these banners ended up as nothing but waste.

But as we already had some banners made which we were not able to reuse it again, organization decided to train volunteers to up cycle it. This was then converted into bags. These banners are a sheet of Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) and are strong enough to carry things when made into a bag. This up cycling of banners not only reduces the flex waste but also directly or indirectly helps in reusing the bags and ultimately refusal of polythene bags.

For this process, we need
-An unwanted flex banner

And the procedure is as follow

  • Cut the banner in a long rectangular shape and the size depends on the maker’s choice.
  • Fold the banner accordingly as we will be stitching the sides.
  • Measure around 5 cm and draw a straight line till the mark from the open ends near the base of the bag on both the sides.
  • Cut the marked line.
  • Make a crease, this will our breath side of the base.
  • Similarly make crease with the long remaining sides as well which will be the sides of the bag.
  • Now, with the thread and needle sew the sides of small cut out part with the long sided crease of the bag.
  • Different processes of sewing can be applied to make it strong.
  • Sew all the sides as above.
  • Using a sewing machine would be better in the process.
  • For a defined finish sewing the open end of bag by taking an inch inside would be better.
  • For the handles, we can cut out flex again, the size depends upon how long or short you want your handle.
  • Measure equal distance on both the sides and mark where you want your handle to be.
  • Sew the cut of handle; two ends of one cut out part should be on the same side of the bag.

Now if you want you can custom design it yourself by painting or just leaving it just as it is would also look nice. Here, your up cycled banner bags are ready to be used.

This process can also be used for unwanted cloth banners or unwanted fabric/cloth.

 Shrija Tuladhar