All in balance

We are working on recycling for about 2.5 months. We learned a lot about it. I felt very happy separately as I learned all about it. They were all efficient work. I start to use in the living space. It was a recycling activity that I felt very happy personally. It is recycling paper. I want to share this process.

I like writing articles in general. The things i see, the things i live and feel… Where we learn new things every day with this project. I am also in Nepal. There are a lot of write and describe, for writing a lot of article. The notebooks I brought with me about do run out. I bought a new notebook from here. I had a short talk with my friend while I was buying the notebook. She said that I had consumed that notebook too. She said to me for find new alternative. Talked about cutting trees. I think she said what I didn’t notice. I never   thought about it that way. These sentences very important to me. Because at first the world consuming is important for me. We actually consume to much. In general , thinks we like don’t come to us as consumption. For example I like to use paper. I never guessed that I would get it an alternative way. Of course there are programs on phones where we can write stories. But the feeling of paper and pen are very different. The phone was not an alternative for me.

A few days after this, we talked about making recycling paper in office. A very special memoir for me. For me first time I heard something like that. It come to me incredible. I thought the construction was too difficult. But it isn’t difficult. Waste paper we threw in garbage. Or newspapers. We cut them small. Then we pit in the water. We waited here for a while. Then crushed in water. It is important to be small. We filtered paper with sieve. Then we put it on the cloth for drying. Not hard…

I know, the real issue is that we use it in our lives. I started. The drawer wasn’t filled with notebook made from recycling. But I start with 1 to have less impact on consumption. It will increase over time.

I will write a book, I made myself. It was an experience nourishing my feelings. At the same time it was a small impact on the big events that concerned the world. My love of nature is a reinforcing experience. I can count a lot more.

We can positively influence the world, nature and ourselves. All in balance. We are a balanced part. Changing time….

Thanks for everything new…

Deren Yeral