from Nature to Nature

My story started in a coke factory in Nepal. I opened my eyes in a coke factory. First they tagged me with a label, then they filled me with cola. I grew up now. They took a lot of my friends like me and took them to a market. They put us in a fridge and we started to wait. Days later someone came. He took me in the fridge. He took me home. he had bought me for the drink a coke. When in my coke is over, I thought my mission is over. I will be thrown like a garbage. It would take me a long time to get into nature. I was thinking about it. the person who took me thought to reuse me again instead of throwing me out.

I started thinking how to use me again. What would he do me? While I was thinking like that, I punched holes in various parts of my body. Later, he started painting me to decorate me like a child to go to wedding. Filled with the soil he brought from his garden. The colorful flowers he picked up planted into my soil. After all these operations are over, he hung up on the balcony that saw me the sun. I was happy when I felt the sun.

I had become the nature itself in two days, while I waited for years to return to the nature.

Savaş Yeşilçay