Back in Africa!, a letter by Nicoletta, from Uganda

Back in Africa!
This is my coming back to Africa after 8 years and when the plane landed in Uganda I was so excited. The villages are so beautiful, tropical vegetation all around mangos and avocado trees and that smell of dust and herbs that bring me back memories and I feel home again.
Project You.Com is about recycling in a country where the waste is burned so it’s a real challenge and a long work for a change. Making sandals out of the car tiers is one great opportunity for the community of Kiwangala village in Uganda to learn a craft and start a business that can help the all community.
The road is long and there’s a lack of professionals that makes everything more difficult to reach, it’s a real challenge!!!
By the way Uganda is a beautiful country and the people are so friendly, I’m leaving with Rose, she’s my age and she is multitasking being a mom, a employee, a gardener and that’s the thing I admire about people here. There’s no current water and living in this conditions for us Europeans is a huge way to learn the importance of the basic things in life.

Till the next time!

Nicoletta Salerno