First day of workshop – By Dragos and Deren, Nepal

Sleeping Shrija Game

The workshop activities started with a “get – to -know – each – other” game which is called “Sleeping Shrija”. Everybody had 5 minutes to find an action based on the initial of their names. In the second step each one had to say their name accompanied by the chosen action.


Weaving Paper Basket

After the first introductory game Sagarika began to teach how to reuse old newspapers to create weaved baskets.

The process began with learning how to create spokes and weavers, the basic materials out of which the basket starts to get shape. Everything was made out of old newspapers. To start with everybody had to divide the pages in two, where the newspaper were already folded and then fold them again in two, vertically and cut them. To create very resistant spokes we wrap these stripes of paper, one by one, in spiral on a kneting needle and glue the ends. After having done sufficient paper tubes – in our case around 20 pieces – we continued with the next step.

To move forward with the construction of the baskets we provided to all participants cardboard basis of around 7x7cm. On this basis first crossed and glued 2 spokes aligned with the center and corners of the cardboard. Then they centered parallel spokes with a gap of 1-2 cm between them creating a checkers pattern and glued them well. We secured everything by sticking an top a glossy thick paper of the same size as the base. After having done this we stick well the first reed to a corner spoke we start weaving counter clockwise through the vertical spokes, starting by going inside. As we do this, when the length of a reed is of about 5 cm we prolong it by inserting another one at it’s end. When we finish, at the top, we take the remaining part of each spoke and we weave it backwards and down one step (inside – outside – in side). To secure the top we pass with the brush of glue once.


Lunch break

Lunch break started at 2pm. Deren and Sanjay prepared local food: Chop, Samosa and Jerry. There have been provided also bananas and juice.


Skying in Summer energizer game

After lunch we played an energizer game called “Skying in Summer”. The activity was held by Dragos. We gathered in a circle. Dragos stayed in the middle showing each lesson for skying and the others imitated his actions.


Painting the finished basket

After the game everybody returned to the workroom and painted their baskets with acrylic colors.


Plastic Bottle Reuse

After painting the baskets we were thaught by Sagarika how to reuse plastic bottles for making vases for plants and she also explained a model of drip irrigation for home use.

Spider Web Game

We finalized today’s activities of the workshop “The Spider Web” game. We created a circle and Sagarika presented the game. We had a ball of thread which had to be passed to a person that was sitting on the opposite side. While having the ball thread in your hands you were supposed to introduce yourself in 10 seconds. When the time was up you had to hold onto the thread and throw it to the next person. At the end we had between us the thread looking as a spiderweb.