Fear of the Monkeys

Savaş confides us his feelings about our cousins ​​monkeys…


Ever since I could remember, I’m always scared of monkeys. when I was a kid, I watched “Planet of the Apes” movie. This film is the reason I’m afraid of monkeys.

Last Tuesday we went to Monkey Temple. I knew there were a lot of monkeys live and that scares me a little. After about an hour’s bus ride, we arrived at the Monkey Temple. As soon as I entered Temple, I saw monkeys all around. On walls, in trees,these monkeys everywhere.

When I went to the temple, I was trying to pay attention to monkeys, trying to stay away from them. On the other hand, I was visiting a beautiful temple. As I was walking around the temple, I saw a big pool. At that time the monkeys were walking around the pool and there were quite a few people around.

I do not know why, one of the monkeys around caught my attention. As I watched him carefully, he suddenly started running towards me and attacked me. I’m scared I could not move anywhere. I could not figure out why monkey attacked me. I guess, maybe the monkey attacking me felt the fear in me. Maybe, monkey was trying to tell me that this scare was unnecessary. I think, it’s trying to say this “we monkeys are good animals, we do not touch anyone”.

But I’m still afraid of monkeys.