Insight to my own Culture

A special point of view, from Nepal…


We visited Swayambhu and Basantapur just last week. Ina was asking me about the significance of Swayambhu and various other monuments, however I couldn’t answer her. I have been visiting these places for years. Swayambhu is just 10 minutes far from my home and I have been visiting there with my family with friends since childhood. But however, when I was asked about more about it, I knew nothing more than it was a pilgrim site for Buddhism and a UNESCO World Heritage Site that’s it, didn’t know much about its history or significance of the monuments.

My college had a Heritage walk around the Basantapur area last year, which shed light to many things I saw on everyday basis, the reasons for the existence and uses of the monuments, things and places. Everything had their history and importance. I explained the volunteers what I learned from that day and other volunteers added to it as well.

As the international volunteers were curious about many things I was curious along with them. I explained what I knew about the places but I know that there is more to it. I had never given much of a thought in the past but I am curious now and want to learn more about my place in depth not just the basic things.

With this modernization and city life, maybe we are leaving our culture and traditions aside. In these 5 months of YOU.COM along with practically learning about recycling and solid waste management, I feel I will be learning about my culture more than what I thought I knew about.