Fahad about volunteering in Tanzania

I am Fahadi Salum Mamba, 27 year old; I’’m currently live with my grandmother at Kisarawe District, Coastal Region. I have a Diploma in Business Administration from College of Business Education (CBE) Dar es salaam) and Bachelor degree in Business Administration majoring Marketing Management from Mzumbe University.

Due to my need of helping and saving the community and society by sharing my knowledge soon after my A- level Education, I had to help teaching the students different subjects like Mathematics and Geography for almost a year before joined my Diploma Courses in Dar es Salaam. Therefore by joining Tulime Onlus will help me to exercise my skills and develop my career yet further.

About Joining Tulime Organization.

I’m so happy being at Tulime Onlus because by being accepted to join your team it shows un-doubtfully belief of my capacity and pave a way to show my potentiality on various Issues to my fellows (staffs) and Organization in general for the benefit of the society.

I humbly applied to Volunteer at Tulime Organization where I can learn new ideas and developing my familiarity on matters concerning the Society like Environmental issues etc.

Due to the strong team spirit shown by the staff members during Nipe fagio workshop at Dar es Salaam, proves to me that I’m not at the wrong place. Such as the interaction made me believes my dreams will be fulfilled.

I had a dream of one day in my life time to work in an International organization like Tulime, where my contribution to the society could be International recognized. I chiefly be acquainted that, by being at Tulime will help me to get a chance to educate the Tanzanian Community on Environmental Conservation and Waste Management issues.

About Nipe Fagio Workshop – DAR ES SALAAM

I attended two (2) days workshop at Nipe fagio at Mikocheni, Dar es Salaam, from the workshop it came into my aware of so many things which I was completely not familiar with. The issue of reuse, recycling and refuse and decomposition of wastes products. I also learnt about the plastics waste tragedy if the squander is not properly handled. E.g. a plastic bottle could take up to 1000 years to decompose.

Issue of Refuse, Reuse and Recycling of wastes.

  • Refuse- from the all concept of refusing I observed, there is a need of educating the society about the need of using the different alternative means than using plastics things.
  • Reuse – among of the ways that we can use to reduce plastics wastes is to emphases on alternative ways of using plastics wastes like plastic bottles, containers and others. E.g. the use of containers to preserve food staffs, or plastics bottles to keep medicines etc.
  • Recycling – we have to keep more efforts on recycling the plastics wastes instead of producing more wastes.