Workshop Nipe Fagio, Tanzania

Things in Tanzania are going well; our italian volunteers Agnese, Erica, Simona and Valeria are facing many challenges: swahili lessons, trainings about environmental issues and recycling, working in the garden and at “tutto è possibile centre”.

Tulime Organization few weeks ago opened a call to select four volunteers for YOU.COM project and the new volunteers, Dixon, Kalysia, Crenaika and Fahad joined us in Dar Es Salaam last week and after welcoming them, we attended a training about environmental conservation. The training was conducted by a tanzanian ngo called Nipe Fagio (give me the broom!), a based public advocacy organization focused on increasing awareness, facilitating and promoting sustainable development initiatives in the country.

Their job in Dar consists in organizing community clean up and raising awareness about environmental issues both in schools and in local communities. The trainers, organized an interactive two days seminar. It was the first time for them to train people living and working far from Dar Es Salaam. The main topics of the seminar were waste awareness, recycling, composting, behaviour changes and how to organize a successful community clean up. During the training we had time for discussion and sharing of ideas. The volunteers started to know each other during focus group workshops and breaks. The seminar helped us to review concepts we discussed during some home trainings in Pomerini and to get new information, especially about issues and waste management in Dar Es Salaam. We had the chance to compare the waste management situation of Dar Es Salaam and the rural area of Kilolo district and to understand the difference between some key words like recycle and reuse.

We ended up with the training visiting a lab, belonging to Africraft organization that produces handcrafts reusing many different materials such as glass bottles, old papers, cement bags, taps and so on.

The training gave us some tips about how to approach the next step of the project that will involve five primary schools of Kilolo district. It was also an important moment of discussion between our volunteers.

It was a pleasure to meet the staff of Nipe Fagio and share ideas and objectives.