Savas’s story in Nepal

“A country that is harder to learn than a living: NEPAL

The marathon begins as soon as you land at Tribhuvan airport. After you pass the necessary procedures, you are stepping into Nepal. The first sight you see is people using a mask, the first thing you feel is dust mixed with a heavy spring scent.

It was interesting to experience the Nepalese traffic while we were going home. Nepal’s traffic is very different from the traffic rules you know. Lack of traffic lights, poor roads make traffic very difficult.Most of the vehicles in the traffic are motorcycles. Traffic is moving with horn sound. It is really interesting that the people of Nepal are calm when traffic is so bad.

Nepal is very different from Turkey. It’s hard to get used to public transport, to the pollution of the streets, to the pollution of the air. Despite all these problems, it is nice to see that people live calmly and happily.

As far as I can tell that, Nepalese people are quite helpful and friendly.

I had done a lot of reading before I came to Nepal, but when I came here and started living, I saw things far beyond what I read.

Once there is a serious mystical atmosphere in Nepal. You get used to the smell of burnt incense everywhere after a while. The mystical atmosphere is becoming more and more intense in the few temples I wander in. It’s impressive that people respect each other’s beliefs.

Another important point is that Nepali foods. They use plenty of spices in every meal. If you are not interested in spices, it may tke some time for you to get used to Nepalese food. Overall I liked the foods, especially MoMo.

And I like the way contrast the chaos of the city with the demeanour of the people.”