welcomes Valeria

Introducing Valeria

“My departure to Tanzania has been quite fast and sudden. As my mind was busy thinking all the stuff pre departure not even the 12 hours flight helped me to realize where I was going.

I started to realize it during my transfer from Dar Es Salaam to Pomerini where the bus I was in crossed kilometers of green land in a street that seems to be the only one possible.

That travel finally gave me time and space to see where I was.

After getting out from Dar Es Salaam the landscape had been quite the same until destination.

The space of the street was shared among walking women, kids and men, motors, and a high number of trucks. All in the same street, each one with its own speed.

Our driver overtook almost all of them. Besides, there is no time to wait when you have 700 kilometers to do.

Pedestrian were disappearing beyond the trees. Trough the vegetation it was possible to see settlements of different size and buildings before the street had the main wall painted with local telephone companies or pepsi.

Once in Iringa, me and my travel mate were welcomed by our new flatmates/collegues/friends.

Here is where I ended at the age of 27 after a master degree in International Sciences and a year spend working in european projects.

Many reasons brought me here, some that I am able to wrote down and other that are still unknown.

The main one was the need to see directly what I have been studying for long time at the university, the so-called cooperation. I approached it from the historical, economical and sociological point of view without having seen it really.

After the end of my studies I had difficulties in understanding which work could fit me and which one I could fit. So, after a year of a 9-18 h office work, that gives me great satisfaction and impose me equal limits, I decided to give myself another possibility to my personal research to see what it would be.

At the same time I had the need to go back to those feelings that marked previous experiences that I had in Africa when I was 22. In that period I spent one month in Tunis to attend an Arabic language course and one month in a small village in Morocco teaching French to children.

Those feelings are quite difficult to explain. They remind me those paintings from romanticism that I studied during the high school where the feelings of dismay and pleasure meet and melt in front of new and mysterious landscapes. A mixture of situations and feelings that attract you and push you out of your comfort zone making you grown up.

Something similar to the story of inside & out, where the little girl discover that the happiness comes from a previous sadness.

This is Africa for me.”