Dragos’s story in Nepal

Three weeks of Kathmandu

“There are around 3 weeks since I’m in Nepal – my first time in Asia and in Nepal. In this time more than anything I had time to discover Kathmandu’s heritage sites and places where most locals spend their time either for work, shopping, enjoying food and drinks or just hanging around.

During this time our meetings in the office revealed in a calm pace the common purpose that all of us, the volunteers are sharing in this journey.

We are four foreign volunteers which spend most of our experiences together. Two from Romania, two from Turkey. We are each one different almost as species differ one from the other. And we scheduled our meeting in a place that enhances a thousand times this truth and beauty.

Considering all this wonderful scenary I must confess an apparent awkward fact: I’m more interested in making a concrete difference for the local communties and environment. I would say that hands on is my favourite attitude. Therefore allow me to go through what fun things we have done so far.

With great difficulty we’re slowly getting used to the local culture through observation, a bit of history and documentation and through the much appreciated input of our nepali friends. It seems obvious that all our senses and attention are needed. Our habits change, our clothes, our bodies get used to the very spicy food, crowded places and city life.

Another practical thing seems to be knocking at the door as in the following days we will finally go in the field taking interviews and gathering evidences of the present situation of waste management from local authorities.”