Deren’s story in Nepal

A letter from Deren, a turkish volunteer in Nepal.

“It began with the acceptance of a project on a month before the journey was accepted in the project, it would take me to the so-called ‘roof of the world’. Nepal

I came down to an airport on March 2nd, which is different with historical texture, where there are different pictures everywhere, with good smells. The Nepalese adventure began when I had more information than I did after I took care of the process.

When we were going to stay, I had a lot of knowledge about the famous little cars in this area. And I was very curious about them. The moment I found myself in the traffic; Crowd, cars, chaos perception is more than formed. I am always frightened from the speed of traffic, from crowds, from cars. But this perception has left its place to different experiences.

I have been here for 12 days. As I mentioned, Nepal was very crowded. But a city could offer a crowd so beautiful. The direction of being patient is developing.

Nepal was a place that allowed me to live as a whole in the difficulties that I experienced at certain times in my country. A place where the machines are less. A place where the moonlight, rather than the street lamps, is far ahead. It’s a simpler place than when I live. A place where the human mind, power is important Despite the technological advances in Nepal.2017, I saw women carrying stones on their backs. I saw people who thought the child could fall when he fell down. I can give more examples. How much and how do we live? The answer to this question is possible here. Or we can start to find it.

The city I walked in the streets of Nepal for days. Everything just started. I feel the smell again every time. There are incence made from different plants everywhere. For spirit is good. It has an important place in the region because of faith. Another odor is possible with spices. There are plenty of spices from plants I see in my own village or elsewhere. Not the factories People have the oils, spices they make with their own hands here.

Nepal, colors city. I saw every color in different colors, in people’s beliefs. His uncle, 70, also believes in pink, and the child is 7 years old. Colors are a rhythm of life here. Children are usually taught to play with paint.but Life here is with colors. Think about it!