Presentation on what’s next and local food sharing, TUDE, Nepal

The presentation was given by Ms. Sagarika Bhatta (responsible for project). It was focused on activity that TUDE will be working on coming days. The activity included highlights if Fiche and workshop. The activities of YOU.COM which will be done by TUDE are:

  • Learning while travelling (survey, gain practical idea on recycling and reuse of waste from indigenous community and interactions)
  • Basic training (paper, bottle, and wrappers )
  • Fiche (where community will be involved in composting training. First training will be given on 18th of March and as well as roof top gardening will be given so that product of waste will be utilized). Also a women group will be formed that will be working on the concept of recycling.
  • Workshops: There will be six workshops from April to June. Two days –two workshops each month to different targeted groups

She also emphasized on the roles and responsibilities that each of volunteers should be doing to make this work successful. Later she mentioned the importance of team work and team building.

On same day, Romanian Volunteers shared their local food with TUDE. All the ingredients needed were provided to them. They cooked and shared the food with all.