Expectation of volunteers at TUDE, Nepal

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Expectation of volunteers from organization for project.

The activity was conducted to analyse the volunteers expectation from and for organisation for five months period. The activity was facilitated by Ms. Sagarika Bhatta.

Turkish Volunteer Savas Yesilcay expects that his skills will be improved after meeting with new people and learning new things through this program. He wants to learn Nepali culture, religion and Nepalese language as well living like a Nepali in Nepal, not like a foreigner.

Ina Beleiu expects to learn new ways to incorporate recycling in her day to day life and improve her known skills in the field of reuse. Also wants to develop her communication skills like public speaking and want to learn about country and culture and visit new places in Nepal.

Deren Yeral wants to learn Nepalese culture and language. She is also interested in learning cooking local food and at the same time teach how to cook her local food. She wants to travel and explore new places and also grow up with young people.

Dragos Balaniue expects organic approach to the project and collaboration with the volunteers. He wants an environment where everyone feel safe and are free to express and are useful.