welcomes Agnese

When you arrive by plane, you can see Africa shining. They are the roofs made by sheet metal that sparkle under the weight of the sun. Just a stop in Zanzibar, the airplane full of tourists empties almost completely, we remain eleven. The board staff ask me several times if I’m sure I have to go to Dar. Other left, other fast landing.

Novetha and father Paolo are waiting for me at the airport with a placard that tell my name. In a few minutes I’m in the place that I have always dreamed to be, on a yellow jeep due to the red sand that I have always dreamed to have got. Like a perfect occidental person, I feel as Nicole Kidman in Australia, with my green jacket and one arm out from the window, on the road to Pomerini, (for a trip long ten hours).

When we arrive, it’s night outside, but Stefania, Ornella e Simona wait for me awake with a welcome poster. Night arrivals are always the worsts, everything seems exageratly new and distorted. It is the same this time too. Ornella shows me very fastly the house almost dark: the bathroom, the showers, the washbasins. I don’t brush my teeth and don’t have a pee, a bit because I’m scared to wrong something, a bit because I’m just scared. I close the door of that will would be my room for the next six months and surprisingly I don’t cry. It was not so tragic.

In the morning everything appears under another light, I had that pee, that I didn’t the night before. Also my room and the living room appear in a nice and friendly light that restores me.

The quietness reigns supreme, some chicken running around the yard, while Mama Novetha works with the clay without shoes. Finally the sun is high in the sky. The rainy weather has the power of graying the soul as the landscape in any part of the world you are. Some thing don’t change, and this is one of them.

However, the place is surreal, and if you don’t see it, you can’t explain that with simple words.

I’m Agnese, I’m 22, just gratueted in Communication Science and a brand new passport. I’m from Sicily, but I lived in Milan for the last three years. My passion is, since ever to discover, places, cultures, people. Maybe it is for this reason that I studied journalism. My couriosity has ever driven me and it is the same partner whome I arrived here.

In the days before my left, I refused to look for information about the place. No photo or information about the food. I wanted that everything retained the wild aura that the idea of this experience created by my mind, and once i arrived it revealed with surprise effect.

And now I’m in Africa for my first intercontinental journey. The land around me is red due to the iron into and it alternates stretches of corn fields not yet ripened. I don’t know what i will find, my application to EVS programme took place without even thinking twice.

Here, the beat is slow and ondulating, and it will be hard for me to get use of. Free time take me home, to what I left without thinking for a period a bit longer than usual. I don’t hide that during my firsts nights in Pomerini, I asked to myself if I would have taken the right decision. But then I return into myself and to my being “in omnia paratus”. Now I know it. It is not a journey like others, but an experience that I can’t wait to live. There is my contribution to offer to the local community, and I’m ready to start.