Letters from Kara, TOGO


Letters from Kara

We arrived in Lomé the 14th of February early morning, after a long journey from Italy, passing by Morocco. At the airport was waiting for us Victor, the coordinator of the project here in Togo. After having spent a day in the capital and having met our partners in this EVS adventure, Natalia and Agata, from Poland, we have started a new (long) journey to reach the city where we were going to

live for the next six months, “Kara la belle”. The journey by minivan has been an adventure itself, but it was interesting to have a first glimpse of Togo during the long hours spent traveling. Our efforts have been rewarded by a warming welcome by the quarter of Agamadé in Kara, where we are currently deployed. The house where we are hosted is close to the one of Victor, and everybody is trying to help it to make it as much comfortable as possible.

The next days we had been introduced to the members of the partner organization AGD here in Kara, and to the professors of the elementary school where we will organized activities parallel to the ones connected with the YOU.COM project. Kids are very curious about us and open to play and listen to us, though our communication skills in french and Kaibiyé are not exactly solid.

The first weeks have been passing by trying to find new connections and ideas in order to organize the workshops planned for the month of April regarding environmental protection and recycling. So far, we were able to meet with the university group of AIESEC, that has been already active inside the campus of the University of Kara in campaigns in order to recycle the plastic, and to organize a informal and interactive presentation regarding the theme of YOU.COM project to the english club of the high school of “La Fraternité”. Moreover, we are currently collaborating with the professional training groups, supervised by AGD, in order to try to develop in Agamadé a project called “preciousplastic.com” that aims to build machines able to transform solid plastic waste, such as

plastic bottles, in new objects. All the blueprints of the machines and step-by-step videos on how to build them are available for free on the website of the project, giving us the possibility to try to implement also here this idea so strongly connected with the SVE project here in Kara.

Beside the activities connected with the EVS project, we are spending our togolaise time walking around our neighborhood, playing volleyball with nice people who patiently bear our low skills and having long chats together with the fresh local beers during the hot nights of the dry season of Kara.

Liliana Demartini, Arianna Francescato