Sharing from Simona Serra, Tanzania

“The wind through the fields, neverending silences and sunset as freedom.
Deep sky and shining stars.
Africa is like an easy prayer that goes inside deep in your soul and let you understand how life can be intense and beautiful”

When i finished my trainingship I wrote those words in my notebook: “while tears comming through my face, I felt like I left a piece of my soul in Pomerini”.
I have been formed, marked deeply, educated and got lots of emotions and sensations that I was not expecting at all.

First of all, I would like to tell you who I am.

I’m Simona Serra, I am 28 years old and i come from Ossi, a little village in the north of Sardinia, Italy. I am a student of the University of Sassari, in the department of “Political Science and International Relations” . After my Erasmus for study, I really understood how much is important to improve our skills in the whole world.
I knew about a trainingship to go in Tanzania, thanks to some stories heard by some of my university collegues and by the coordinator of Tulime onlus, Stefania Ceruso.
In few moonth, me and Stefania wrote a request with a training for the scolarship supplied by the University ( ULISSE) and in Feb 2015 i flew from Italy to Tanzania, like 20 hour’s trip.
Three month. Three month passed quickly, too fast.
I took part in a microcredit program (POMERINI MICROCREDIT PROJECT) consisting in providing little loans, about 25/50 € (60’000/ 100’000 Tsh), a derisory ammount of money that can change radically their lives.
With an accurate selection of the users ( all inhabitants of Pomerini, with drammatic economic situation) we made some trainings to start an activity between agricolture, breeding or little commercial activity.
After they began their own projects, we did weekly monitoring, supporting and counseling and we started a real friendship, out of the working relation, out of formality.
In Tanzania, there is a real large amount of stuff to do, problem to solve, but also a lot of ideas to make things get better.
Working with Tulime, with the enthusiasm of Stefania, I had been part of the staff in a lot of projects.
Each project was really envolving me, everything I could learn was very important, making me richer, in technical and human beeings.
Days passing and my knowledge of the national language ( swahili) was getting better and better were getting the relationships with the inhabitants of the village: Mama Novetha who taught me how to cook some local food, the women of the basket cooperative, the disable girls of the project “TUTTO E’ POSSIBILE” , the children of the Tabasamu center and the local collaborators.
Everyone gave me something, stories of life beginning on the red sand and the farmed fields, far away from my point of view made by cement and asphalt, running water, medicines, plentiful food, human rights.
Time lapses fast: working, playing, knowing about problems of albinos, farming the garden, living their lives.
Time to leave, time of sadness.
Hugges, tears, greets, the road passing fast trought a window of a car. I promised my self, I sweared to go back.
In January I knew about YOU.COM project, and I filled fast the form.
YOU.COM Project fascinates me. The project made by Tulime with severals worlwide patners, with the main topic about recycling.
YOU.COM make provision of disposure of rubbish and recycle, involving the whole population.
Now I am again in Tanzania, in Pomerini and I feel as I never left from here.
Smiles, and hugges make my days, the fields, the animals, nothing has changed.
Now it’s time to start to work and I am really happy to be envolved with.
Just a word goes around: KARIBU TENA!