News from TUDE, Nepal

On 28th October, Girls in technology invited to showcase the recycled and reused products made in Moksh, Lalitpur. The program was focused on women empowerment, entrepreneurship and capacity building.

This was one of the dissemination opportunity for You.Com project. So, we decided to display the products that were made from up cycled paper, plastic, bottles, and clothes. Some of the products were paper basket, lamps, gift box, wind champ, bangles, flower pot, plastic mat, paper bags etc.

As in Nepal people are not that fascinated upon the product recycled or reused but those who have understood its value for environment protection and conservation seemed more curious about the product displayed.

There were few people among many who were interested in buying some of those products. Well, here we saw the future possibilities of green business though it’s little tough. I think this has also given the general idea upon how people perceive these products and how we can proceed in coming days for You.Com Project and train young people.