Thanks to all

Dear all,

It is over. One of the most intense weeks of my life!
This week I participated in one of the most important moments of YOU.COM project, the meeting on site in Alcamo. I met some project partners who have enriched me, each with its own characteristics.
Joanna, modest, discreet, precise and curious.
Novetha, smiling, kind, self-confident, determined
Kayinga, expansive, exuberant, energetic, expressive
Gokhan, taciturn, cute, fun, inclusive.
Thanks to Joanna, Novetha, Gokhan and Kayinga for your “father’s” patience during my attempts to begin a speech on my part and to interpret it on your part.
Thanks to Giulia Costantino for your precious “professional” contribution both during the meeting both personally, for your constant support in every situation and for the entire project.
Thanks to Giulia, Rosa and Stefania for physical and emotional closeness in these days and for their prompt intervention of translation in my frequent moments of difficulty speaking English.
Thanks also to the structure that hosted us making me feel more and more at home.
I’m tired but happy of this rich experience of meetings, glances, emotions, smiles, misunderstandings, fears, delays, food, yoga, invoices, documents to sign and stamp etc etc.

Thanks to all, from the bottom of my heart!

And now… at work!
eh eh eh