Meeting Day 4 – Growing together

Dear You.Com Community,

the work is going on in a successfull way, cooperation is growing and mutual knowledge is giving force to the project!
Like every morning we woke up with a long greeting to the sun: today we explored another nice place in the mountain, keeping the silence and listening to the birds and wind singing. Love for nature is at the base of recycling methods, love for shared together is at the base of young people activities organization.
Our morning session was dedicated to the budget plan.. maybe a not so “light” topic but.. it was useful to speak and to exchange doubts and needs for further clarification.
The afternoon session is the closing session: the follow-up phase of the meeting and the debate phase. During all the day the partners are exchanging experiences among them, speaking about their own country and asking questions.
In our opinion, this is the real sense of cooperation and a good beginning for the project as well as a good point of beginning to plan a perfect welcome for the volunteers that will participate in the mobility of You.Com Project. The last hours of the afternoon were dedicated to the clarification of all doubts and to the presentation of the other two partners: Romania and Togo. It was a plesure to know more about that and to have a connection with them even if, unfortunatly, they are not present.
Our intellectual work of the meeting is now almost concluded but not the time to stay together!
Tomorrow a cultural trip in the surrounding will be proposed to the partners. Then.. another adventure will interest our friends: the National Meeting of Tulime.
Continue to follow  us!