Meeting Day 2 – It gets more interesting

Dear You.Com Community,

we are now at the end of a really busy day of work!
We begin our day greeting the rising sun and the sea and giving energy to our bodies with some exercises with our faces towards the wonderful landscape under the mountain..
Then, ready to work!
After a delicious breakfast, we begun our work with the presentation of You.Com Project activities, objectivies and outputs. Thanks to this moment, all the partners could finally have a clear idea about it and share ideas, doubts, curiosities.
The other part of our day was dedicated to exchanges about the topic of mobilities within You.Com Project: it was a long session but full of useful suggestions and confrontations among the participants. The main topics discussed were the dissemination plan of the project, the good orgaanization of mobilities, deadline, the timetable and any other useful discussion or need of clarification.
At the end.. the moment of each partner’s presentation arrived! Photos, videos, slides describing the countries and their cultures, presentations about the practices of recycling, the description of previous project and activities for young peolple.
Even Romania and Nepal, that were not able to be present at the meeting, were able to participate through skype connection, demonstrating a big willingness to be an active part in the project!
Thank you to all the participants and.. let’s be prepared for tomorrow!
Let’s continue sharing!
Tulime You.Com Staff