You.Com Kick-off Meeting: It’s Time for Sharing!

Dear all,
the moment that we have been waiting for a long time is arriving!
Time is running so fast and, in some hours representatives from Tanzania, Togo, Nepal, Uganda, Romania, Poland and Belgium will finally meet in Alcamo (Sicily) for You.Com project Kick-off Meeting.
What is a Kick-off Meeting?
It is the first meeting among the project partners and project’s promoter. This meeting would follow definition of the base elements for the project and other project planning activities.
Kick-off means that the work starts!

This will be the first occasion to meet ourselves personally after a great exchange of mails that, together with their convenience, don’t give people the occasion to meet in the same place. We think that the personal knowledge is a motivating occasion to work and cooperate as well as one of the greatest in a project involving countries from three different continents like ours.
It’s not always possible or easy to turn it into reality. We are really excited that we reached such a ambitious goal! We are so happy and, at the same time, we feel the responsibility about how things will go on!But we are positive and hope you are coming with the same positive attitude and that you will maintain that feeling during the meeting, after it and for all the duration of the project!
You.Com meeting is the occasion to share time, ideas, doubts and proposals to go ahead with the steps of next activities. We are so excited to welcome you and we hope our welcome will be warm and will make you feel like at home. We are looking forward to know more about your countries, your cultures, your personalities, your dreams…
The meeting is the conclusion of the first activity of the project: each partner already produced a report on the topic of recycling. This week will be dedicated on the sharing of these information and to the planning of youth non formal learning methodologies (YNFLM) that will be applied in the next steps.
We hope the best for this occasion and thank you to make it possible! This is only the first step, the first project before , we hope, a productive and respectful cooperation!
We are together and, together, we can.

Tulime You.Com Staff