We sail on a little vessel
at the mercy of a great mysterious sea.

We have countless stars to show us the way but only one to give us life.
Its breath fills our sails pushing us towards ancient horizons.

It moves all our world
outside and within us.
Plays with waters and winds,
makes plants grow, warms the spirits, enlightens everything.

But we are consuming
this little leaf in the wind,
this magic rock on which we run like mad
in an endless carousel around the sun.

Regardless, we throw away too many valuable resources to the entropy of the universe.

We should just remember
that the only thing we cannot
throw away once used is our own planet
and that we are not born to destroy,
but to cooperate with other Beings and the Elements,

to make good choices,
keep our vessel
and entrust it to those who come after us.

A new beginning is still possible.